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About Us

Cake. Pan Dulce. Those are the things I remember so vividly about my childhood. My first birthday cake was baked and decorated by my mom, and I remember always wanting to be close to my aunt when she made one of our family’s wedding cakes. I thought I was ‘helping,’, but most likely I was just being a nuisance. They say music is the testament of time, but so are tastes and smells. I also have fond memories of our trips to the ‘panaderia’ when we lived in Mexico. The varieties of bread, the sweet smell of sugar, cinnamon, and vanilla, of course those eye-catching cake displays that always seemed to tower over me. It’s been many, many years, and yet, I still remember that 6pm meant soft, pillowy ‘conchas’ fresh out of the oven at our neighborhood bake shop.

So it probably was not a big surprise when I decided to abandon my career in the nonprofit sector and pursue my true love: baking. Just like my mom and my aunts, I love creating with my hands. After culinary school in Houston in which I pursued a degree as a pastry chef, the opportunity presented itself for my family and I to embark on a new journey: The Bakery Business. This would be where ‘Pan Magnifico’ (magnificent bread) would be created, and so Panifico Bake Shop (a San Antonio Bakery) was born.

Like our name implies, we are taking simple ingredients and creating a delicious morsel that will be a part of your simple pleasures, and perhaps help create your fondest memories. Our constant goal is:

Making History Sueet